How To Use:  Rechargeable Refillable Electronic Shisha/Vapour Pens
1. The device itself consists of three parts. The smoking tip, the glass flavour tube and the battery.
2. Before using this product you should charge the battery for up to 4 hours. Correct charging voltage should be used. IN: DC5V 500mA  OUT: DC4.2 240mA
3. To insert the flavour liquid into the glass tube, unscrew the smoking tip and pour the juice/liquid inside the glass tube.(Pour it slowly while holding the clearomizer on a tilt.)
4. Screw the smoking tip back on again. ( Do not Over Screw )
5. Finally, attach the battery to the tube.
6. In order to smoke the pen you must hold the button and simply inhale and exhale.
7. The device has an on-off function, click the button 5 times in fast repetition and it will switch the device OFF. To turn the device back ON, click the button 5 times in fast repetition again.

How To Use: Disposable flavoured Shisha Pens / Sticks
1. Simply unpack your fully charged shisha pen.
2. Remove From Plastic Tube.
3. Remove the plastic cap.
4. Press button (if there is one) and inhale.
5. Enjoy!

Are Shisha Pens Safe?
There are no known health risks associated with vapouring shisha pens, Shisha pens only contain a few ingredients as apposed to the thousands of chemicals found in traditional Tobacco Cigarette. Most importantly my shisha pens, shisha pens do not contain any tar, tobacco Carbon Monoxide or toxins which are commonly associated with the health risks

How long does my shisha pen last?
1. Rechargeable range: just keep recharging and refilling.
2. Disposable products: it will tell you in the product description upto how long they last.

Burnt taste from my shisha pen?
Clearomizer have a built in wire-coil, similar to one found in a light bulb. This wire-coil heats up to vaporize E-Liquid. For the unpleasant burnt taste is a number of signs.
1. There is a lack of E-Liquid on the wire-coil. This can be true even if your Clearomizer tank is full of E-Liquid.
2 Over time your wire coli will grow ash which will stop the E-Liquid from being absorbed and you will also notice your E-Liquid changing to a brown color. (your Clearomizer has burnt Out)
My shisha Pen recommends that you change your Clearomizer every 3/6 weeks.

Can I smoke shisha/vapour pens anywhere?
Every My shisha pen product can be smoked ANYWHERE! The main reason for this is simply because it uses the same theory as an electronic cigarette. Furthermore, the My Shisha Pen products are completely different to the traditional shisha products that are only licenced to be smoked in legislated areas. So enjoy your product anywhere. (However, check with the landlord if they allow you to smoke within they premises).

Who can purchase Products from My Shisha Pen?
Products can be purchased and used by anyone who is over 18.

Do you accept refunds?
Items for refund must be returned sealed and in original packaging. we regret for health and safety reasons we cannot accept items for refund that have been previously opened or used. (E-Liquids & Disposable Shisha Pens will not be exchanged or refunded).

Damaged or Faulty Items
Please contact us before returning any damaged in transit or faulty items with a description of the problem e.g. DOA or Light not working. Please note that we do perform tests on returned items and we can detect if a shisha/vapour pen has been used.

E-Liquids Safety and responsible use
Do not use e-liquid for any use other than as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Do not swallow E-liquid. E-liquid is only for use in electronic cigarettes/pens and other kinds of personal vaporisers.E-liquid is not for sale to anyone under the age of eighteen. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always keep e-liquid safely out of the reach of children.
E-Liquid Ingredients
Herbal Extract, Propylene glycol, Glycerol. For more info on Dekang E-liquids